Friday, May 18, 2012

Clare Lopez and the good Islam fantasy

In this video Michael Coren asks Clare Lopez whether or not Islam is compatible with pluralistic Western society. She responds by insisting we make the distinction between the Islamic doctrine and the Muslim people. She says that Muslims don't have to follow every bit of Islamic scripture while conceding the fact that Jew hatred is intrinsic to the Islamic doctrine.  So the message here is as long as Muslims aren't practicing their faith purely - disregarding or ignoring some of their teachings - then Islam is compatible with Western societies. Excuse me?! 

First of all, this is confirming (in her own words) that Islam is NOT compatible with Western society. Secondly, isn't this the very pinnacle of appeasement to Islam. By making the distinction she makes, she's saying that although Islam is bad, Muslims who don't follow this bad religion completely are good so let's not condemn Islam. This is like saying when the Nazis weren't exterminating Jews, Fascism was a pretty decent ideology. Ms. Lopez is excusing a terrible ideology - a partial Islam is ok and it's compatible with Western societies. Go and practice your religion Muslims but just don't practice too much of it. She's saying that if we can ignore much of doctrinal Islam then we will have a good Islam. Wow!... there's a plan.

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