Tuesday, January 10, 2012

naming the enemy

ACT! for American is a terrific organization fighting the Islamization of the United States. However it's disappointing to hear them say in one of their news announcements: "Radical Islam destroys freedom". Why are they saying "radical Islam threatens, undermines and eventually destroys freedom"? Why are they submitting to the false and misleading idea that a moderate Islam exists because that's what they're saying. There is no radical Islam or a moderate Islam. These concepts about Islam are alien to Muslims. They were invented by people who insist on the fantasy of a good Islam - a moderate Islam. But there is only Islam. The BBC didn't print the line - "Harry says sorry for radical Nazi costume". No - they said "Harry says sorry for Nazi costume". There was never a radical Nazism during World War 2.

Muslims would have us believe that Islam and Muslims are one in the same. That to criticize Islam is to criticize Muslims - to hate Islam is to hate all Muslims. Nonsense! Muslims would have us believe a lot of crap like jihad is merely 'inner struggle'. I don't let Muslims tell me what to believe.  

How can we defeat the enemy if we cannot even name it? The enemy isn't radical Islam. The enemy is Islam.  

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  1. We have much of the same views on islam. Had a long comment but lost it before I got it posted.I am a real person. Call me any time at 864-419-2797. Cowards will not defeat Islam, legally or otherwise.