Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why Burn a Koran?

When referring to a pastor in Florida, who planned to burn copies of the Koran, Barack Obama said that what this pastor plans to do is "completely contrary to our values as Americans". Really? What values would those be you anti-America fraud? The expression of our thoughts and opinions about a book which teaches division, misogyny, intolerance, domination and hate? The exercise of our First Amendment Rights? Is cowering in the face of a cult-like totalitarian and theocratic socio-economic supremacism engaged in global sedition an American value Mr. Obama? 

America's freedom is under attack. Muslims are setting boundaries to our freedom and we're letting them. This is intolerable! With the aid and consent of Barack Obama, the dhimmi Left, and other ignorant spineless politicians, Muslims are destroying free speech in America. They are doing this by threatening and intimidating people who are critical of Islam - who engage in so called 'Islamophobic' activities like burning the Koran or drawing images of Muhammad. Don't believe me? Try putting Muhammad in a bear suit on tv and see how far you get. Screw these Muslims and screw Obama and company. People like Terry Jones and Ann Barnhardt represent the true American spirit that smacks coercion in it's ugly face and chooses to exercise it's freedom against this evil seeking to crush both freedom and spirit. If we don't follow their lead and exercise our First Amendment Rights we will lose these Rights permanently to this thuggish ideology Islam. Just ask Molly Norris... if you can find her. 

I'll be defending freedom by burning my copy of the Koran - one stinking page at a time.  

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