Monday, June 13, 2011

more appeasement

I believe people who oppose the spread of 'political Islam' or 'jihadi Islam' yet claim they cannot condone burning a Koran are simply falling to a more subtle level of PC thinking and Islamic appeasement without realizing it. For instance the argument that we need to read the Koran rather than burn it is silly - for the obvious reason. The argument that burning the koran won't make it disappear misses the point of burning it as does the assertion that burning it simply makes Muslims needlessly upset. This 'upset' argument ignorantly holds to the idea that Islam can be reasoned with and playing nice to the Great White Shark in our swimming pool will help protect us from being eaten.  Muslims are already needlessly upset and will continue to be needlessly upset no matter what we do and just how appeasing and dhimmified is worrying about Muslim tantrums anyway. You want a bunch of jerks setting limits to our freedom? I don't! The argument that burning the Koran isn't productive also misses the point. We should turn that argument around for clarification. Not burning the Koran strengthens and emboldens the Muslims who demand submission to Sharia. Not burning it only advances the Islamic cause and diminishes our spirit. 

Frankly, I find it disconcerting how much even our warrior people are willing to twist themselves inside out and upside down in order to appease Islam. They don't see it that way of course but the end result is appeasement and a stronger Islamic bully. Maybe, just maybe that deep down these people still believe in a 'good' Islam. Foolish people.   

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